“that june morning was when jesus plus nothing equals everything–the gospel–became for me more than a theological passion, more than a cognitive catch-phrase. it became my functional lifeline. Rediscovering the gospel enabled me to see that:

because Jesus was strong for me, I was free to be weak
because Jesus won for me, I was free to lose
because Jesus was someone, I was free to be no one
because Jesus was extraordinary, I was free to be ordinary
because Jesus succeeded for me, I was free to fail.

– Tullian Tchividjian

stirring things up

“I feel sometimes like there is a message out in our society today to “get back to life” as quickly as possible after our babies are born.  Back to our old selves, back into shape, back to work, back to our old routines-just keep life going like a truly amazing miracle didn’t just land into our lives.  To go on and appear as if nothing ever happened-this makes me mad that this is applauded and praised today-it’s truly ridiculous, but very sad also.  It’s an indication of a deep chasm in the most important bond of mother and baby.  

I think babies deserve to rock the world of those around them a little.  To stir things up, to make us rethink priorities, to bond-totally and completely giving ourselves to them when they need it most.  Even if that means little things like fat pants for awhile, or a makeup drawer that goes untouched for months, or big things like lots of “no’s” to invitations and commitments, or everything that once seemed so important plummeting down that priority list and maybe even disappearing.  Of course we can rebuild slowly-on the baby’s timeline-but things shouldn’t look the same ever.  We all need to move over and make space for this precious new life we brought into the world.  Babies deserve it, and we moms do also.”
 – sarah from clover lane

to add

“A Christian’s purpose in life is to be redemptive in the world. Someone who takes the example of Christ’s life as a guide can tolerate neither a refusal to become immersed in the flow of actual human life in this world nor a willingess to leave fallen human life where it is. The Christian artist’s mission is to add to the beauty, truth, and joy of the world, not its hopelessness.”
– Leland Ryken, The Liberated Imagination